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Here Comes the Sun...0.3 Tanning now available at 6TY

A 0.3 tanning session is kinder to your skin and delivers the same tanning effect as the mid day Mediterranean summer sun but without the risk of burning!  A consultation will always be carried out before you use our tanning unit for the first time to identify your skin type and ensure the correct timings for your tanning sessions.



We are now stocking a selection of Australian Gold and Protan Indoor Tanning Lotions.  Did you know that using a good quality indoor tanning lotion will help you achieve your desired tan much more quickly. It will also extend the life of your tan as well as protecting your skin from the effects of tanning.





Brand new D'Lux Tanning Cab 

Tanning Prices

60 Minute Block Booking £30
3 minutes £2.50
6 minutes £4.50
9 minutes £6.50
12 minutes £8.00