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Why Shrinking Violet does EXACTLY what it says. A guide for what to look for in an inch loss wrap


1. Active ingredient

Shrinking Violet contains a Phospholipid complex, PROVEN in independent laboratory tests to break down fat within the cell and at a higher percentage than any other topical application before or since. Always check the ACTIVE ingredients. If not a Phospholipid complex, loss will temporary !

2. Carrier

Shrinking Violet uses OIL. This is one of the ways we use to transport our product into the skin. This is THE best and fastest carrier in a wrap treatment to penetrate the epidermis and dermis to the fat layer and work to expel the fat cells systemically. That's how carrier oils work right ? Some other carriers will sit on the surface of the skin to give temporary effects, and not carry on working like our fat busting ingredients.

3. Added ingredients

Shrinking Violet contains a powerful cellulite blend of essential oils so works in two phases. 1. Nanotechnology delivers the phospholipids deep into the skin 2. The added bonus of the cellulite essential oil blend to deal with difficult problem areas. There is the additional benefit of a beautiful aroma to work with and experience.

4. Application

Following a consultation to check you have no contra indications that may affect the treatment, our fat busting formula is massaged in, then our Wrapture is applied, once wrapped and on the heated bed, the Wrapture helps to form a vacuum and push the powerful ingredients into the skin. Shrinking Violet uses the best fat busting formulas, it is so effective, that clients get visible and measurable inch loss in just 60 minutes. The experience is wonderful, comfortable and relaxing, how else can you lose so many inches in an hour ?




Customer Testimonial From The Gorgeous Samantha Birt Sherwood...

I started at 321.5 inches and I am now 286.5 inches which is an overall 35 inch loss added up..., on all areas... my tummy seeing the biggest of all at an overall 5.5 inch loss. So my end point being - SUCCESS!! I have decided with Ann to keep up a once per month Shrinking Violet (on occasions when I feel I might particularly want it)... I have been steadily loosing weight anyway, but I do not think this alone accounts for the actual inches I have seen go due to the amazing SV!


"Apart from the inch loss, what I love about SV most of all is how my butt actually looks now - I know I have lost weight, but you don't always lose the cellulite dimple marks on the ole butt cheeks - I think SV is amazing for this and would love to have some at home just so I can slap it on there once in a while - also my 'baby' tummy marks - I think it has done wonders.

So there you go - if you are umming and ahhing - try it - it works!!!!"